“For Skin That Looks Younger, Smoother”

Skin resurfacers and peels are an ideal and safe choice for damaged skin. These protocols are clinically-proven skincare range developed to provide luxury care which is rich in botanical stem cells, peptides, and vitamins, with hydrating and protective ingredients that are vital for maintaining skin integrity. These skin resurfacers and peels range are all medical skin care programs with evidence-based philosophy that delivers stunning long term results. At Venus Aesthetics we use this treatment to rejuvenate skin and make it look younger again. The chemical formulae work by exfoliating the very top layer of dead skin cells to reveal the healthy ones and even out the tone.

  • Range of intensive skin peels and resurfacers treatments using advanced skincare technology
  • Effectively minimize fine lines and wrinkles, blemishes, pigmentation, and enlarged pores
  • Suitable for the face, décolleté and hands
  • Deeply exfoliating and rejuvenating to improve skin texture and restore radiance
  • Tailored specifically to your skin type, needs, and skin concerns
  • Totally safe and non-invasive

Clients can expect results in just two treatment sessions. However, for maximized results, we tailor the treatment plan as per clients’ skin type and aesthetic goal.

These skin peels work at different skin depths to heal it from within. Suitable even for the most delicate and sensitive areas of your skin, they work towards texture improvement and dullness reduction to greater degrees. Our procedures are targeted at sustainable results without putting your skin under threat.

The chemical/cosmetic peeling procedure we use is very safe with minimal levels of discomfort. Clients can go about doing their normal routine work once the session is over. At Venus Aesthetics, we provide each client with some guidelines which we expect them to follow in the weeks before and after treatment.

We believe in informed decisions and hence, our cosmetic consultants provide clients with all the details on what is required, what results can be expected, etc. You would notice results in two to three weeks after your treatment, which would last for six to eight weeks. Your skin is rejuvenated and feels wonderfully smooth and healthy.

We understand how daily life plays nasty on the skin and gives it a hard time. Sun exposures and common medical conditions leave wrinkles and even skin tones, leading to the skin losing its luster. Our cosmetic peels can work wonder for skin by…

  • Removing the damaged and dead skin cells on the top layer
  • Promoting collagen production and reducing acne
  • Smoothing skin without affecting healthy cells

At Venus Aesthetics, we employ a team of trained, experienced, and professional cosmetic consultants and dermatologists working for you. Our goal is to deliver healthy, beautiful skin to you.

We help you achieve skin that is…

  • Smooth and healthy
  • Firm and strong
  • Hydrated, even, and glowing

Well-versed with the use of combination protocols, the team studies client requirements thoroughly so treatment plans can be tailored and effective results can be achieved. The partnership with leading cosmeceutical manufacturers and Venus Aesthetics is the perfect combination to achieve cosmetic goals and keep every client looking younger, healthier, and more confident in their own skin.